Plainus Machinus (Team Generic) A very simplified bus that resembles the minimalist art of the 50's, Takes the everday object and degrades it to its lowest form with just a hint of bold commercialism.

Soreus Retinus (Team Red Eye) The composition of this bus is very detailed with the help of the airbrush technique. The use of hyperrealism has been an influence throughout the 80's, later combined with the graffiti art that proceeds the movement.

Infurious Maximus (Team Angry) The bus shown has been kept in it's original format only the small inscription below the windows plays with the idea of surrealism, as found in the painting Duchamp's Mona Lisa, in which Mona Lisa sports a mustache and goatee.

Scoobis Doobis (Team Mystery Machine) A very unique bus in which the famous Hanna Barbera cartoon, Scooby Doo, is represented on the bus. The placement and reproduction of the popular cartoon reflects the understanding and admiration of Roy Lichtenstien's work.