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Christy, Brandi, and Jason joins Team Lizard King


A lovely seven-hour ride to Rock Rapids

John tries out a recumbant. "It's easy once you get going"


Free Ben & Jerry's! Great fireworks as well as great lightning bolts from the south.
Paul joined the team


Ran into Joann again.
West Bend: The Grotto

Algona: Cold showers in the One Stall.. Swing Crew (quite an entertaining band) teaching a few teammates how to "file the paper" "put groceries in the cart" "Mow the lawn" "do the sprinkler"


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Paul became a full standing member of Team Lizard King


Brad rode with the team to waverly today

Y1K car in Swaledale
Wally's tire exploded in the heat. Later we had found out that there was a tire advisory for all cars, suggesting people stay indoors and not travel.
Ran into Joann again...

Waverly: newly paved roads and muddy tree lines gave us an idea of how high the water was (thanks to flooding weeks before). Pizza dinner, found our theme video, "The Jerk" and passed out. Blue Band with the Janey Brothers backing them that night. Not the best concert in the world.


Wacoma: people jumping off a bridge (not always clothed either!).
Decorah: A wonderful 6-dollar dinner at the school's common. Real food. Christy stealing roughly 5 bananas from the commons. Although the stems were noticable, we still got away with the goods. Internet cafe had computers to roughly update the website. And it was free!


The hottest day of the hottest week of the year. The steep "Iowa Alps" combined with the 140 heat index made for a grueling day. "How hot does it have to get before tar starts to bubble?"

"Oh, about 140 to 150 degrees"
The three wise "guys" (Matt Ben and Nathan) appeard with gifts (2 coolers of beer). The reluctantly accepted a gift from Team Shamrock. I've heard the Grainbelt Beer had won some beer contest over the years (I'm afraid it's true). A nice thunder boomer through the night, Led to a nice cooler Saturday.


The best day we've had all week. Billy Bob and his cohort playing some form of a cross between bluegrass and country (It wasn't Luckenbach Texas!) The steepest downhill we've had all week.

We biked on in with Rodhouse Blues playing through the air. Met up again with Lulu, and Tabby, Lulu's friend.