Bovus Bicyclus (Da Udder Team) This bus has a personality like nothing seen before. The Mardi-Gras/4th of July Parade floats seem to be the underlying factor of such decorated "cow"ness. The placement of the udders under the bus, recognizes the detailed anatomy of a cow that few people would not miss.

Burgeris Tuesday (Team Wimpy) The color scheme used on this bus reflects the colors of cartoons and comics back in the 1930's. The featured mascot was well known as an extra in the cartoon "Popeye" produced by King Features.

Maximus Longitude (Team BIG) The bus pictured here has used the multiple stripe design, most recognized as the inexpensive "Fruit Stripe" Gum Company. The multiple diagonal stripes create a sense of fun and a carnival type effect while the oversized tarp covering brings this BIG bus it's identity not common with the other vehicles.

Scarus Maximus (Team Phobia) This small bus is a walking informative dictionary on all terms that relate to "phobia's" from acrophobia to xenophobia, this bus relates to all who suffer from this slight disorder. The representation of the bus as a handicap bus, also highlights the people who are afraid of everything