Groupus X (Team Extreme) This bus has quite the extreme green decorative paint that makes the bus quite the visual attraction. The use of a small children's bike as the centerpiece for the front of the bus creates a humorous reference that anyone can accompish the ride, as long as they have the proper gear. Clearly, a unique compostion.

Porkus Choooooooopus (Pork Chop Man) This is the second edition for this bus. The salmon pink bus made to look like a pig is a traveling homage to all who ride each year. If it's not the bus that reels them in, it's the verbal advertisement presented by the owner of the business.

Glutius Maximus Frozenus (Team Butt Ice) This bus tends to render a quite comical characteristic not only noted within the Name of the Team but also amongst the play of yellow flames upon the red paint. Also it deems a value of juxtiposition that again referes to the name of a team. Flames of the paint contrasting to the name "Butt Ice"

Forcus Airus (Team Pump) This bus, albiet from a rear position, has master the influence of the American Postmodernism. It mimicks works of art from such painters as Jasper Johns, whose works usually include bold icons such as the American flag.

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